Ideal Conditions
Ensure the weather is just right for times that matter.

  • View regularly-updated weather forecasts for upcoming events
  • Know when weather conditions are ideal and where ideal conditions have been exceeded
  • Get directions to your event

View regularly-updated weather forecasts for upcoming events

In the days and hours preceding your event, no more fussing with a weather app to get to what you care about—the date, time, and location for a forecast—and then having to click and scroll around to view all weather conditions of interest.

Know when weather conditions are ideal and where ideal conditions have been exceeded

Based on your ideal conditions, you’ll know if it’s too hot, too cold, insufficiently breezy, too large a chance of rain, and more … or perhaps, just right!

Get directions to your event

From Ideal Conditions, choose Open Event in Map and go!


Create an event with a name, date, duration, and forecast location. Ideal Conditions then fetches and displays updated weather forecasts for the months, weeks, days, and hours up to the event. For a distant event date, historical weather displays until the event's date is within forecast range, and then forecast updates begin. Optionally, set a weather filter to see where desired weather conditions have been exceeded.

For events you must attend, you'll know the weather conditions in the weeks and days before. For events that depend on the weather, Ideal Conditions indicates if conditions are "just right" or may be questionable. Bicycle without rain and without strong winds. Go to the beach on a sunny day. Fly a kite when it's breezy. Land in another city with a jacket for cool weather. Picnic in mild temps. Do what you like to do.

See all this at a glance. No fuss. No clicking and scrolling required. 


Create hourly and daily events.

Choose forecast location based on phone location and the map via pan, zoom, and point-of-interest search.

View weather in summary view and details view to see hourly/daily forecasts.

See historical weather for events with dates outside the range of current weather forecasts.

Create weather filters with ranges for rain probability, temperature, wind speed, cloud cover, and humidity to define ideal conditions for each event.

See where ideal conditions have been exceeded.

Get directions to an event.

Repeat weekly and daily events.


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